SAW Escape Room Opens In Vegas

Saw Movie Escape Room

SAW Escape Room Opens In Vegas

So do you want to play a game? Lionsgate, Fright Dome, and Egan Escape Productions is making this possible with an Escape Room based on the SAW movies. This will allow SAW fans to match their wits again the legendary horror icon Jigsaw.   

The SAW Escape Room is located on Industrial Road in Las Vegas, Nevada in a historic meat packing plant. SAW fans enter the meat packing plant for an after hours tour, only to became players in an elaborate game devised by the Jigsaw killer and his disciples.  The escape room experience is billed as an immersive, multi-room (progressive) escape experience that brings to life the twisted games in the SAW movies.  Guest are advised to work together to “combat their fears, venture far out of their comfort zones, and solve intricate puzzles, guests will have the opportunity to win their freedom as they traverse the twists and turns of an entire factory of Jigsaw’s games – one of the largest escape experiences in the world.”

Tickets for the SAW Escape Room experience run between $49.99 for General Admission and $89.99 for Private VIP Package.  General Admission ticket holders go through the escape rooms in groups of 10. While for $69.99, guests can get a private VIP experience. The private VIP tickets are being advertised as best for individuals or groups who wish to enter the escape room privately with no other ticket holders. And the $89.99 tickets include a SAW Souvenir Package that consists of 1 photo, 1 hat, and 1 t-shirt. Saw

The first SAW film came out in 2004. The film was directed by James Wan with the screenplay by Leigh Whannell.  The 2004 SAW film was the start of an eight picture franchise.  The sequels were directed by Darren Lynn Dousman, David Hackl, and Kevin Greutert, and were written by Wan, Whannell, Bousman, Patrick Melton, and Marcus Dunstan. The SAW films were released subsequently every October, on the Friday before Halloween, between 2004 and 2010.  The latest movie, Jigsaw, was released in October 2017.

There isn’t a better film franchise to base an escape room experience on than the SAW movies. Jigsaw is the master of games. The only question that remains is “Do you want to play a game?”

Check out the trailer for the SAW Escape Room experience: