Review: Woods of Terror Haunted Attraction (2018)

Woods of Terror Review

Review:  Woods of Terror Haunted Attraction (2018)

It’s now October which means it is officially haunt season.  This weekend I decided to visit the Woods of Terror Haunted Attraction in Greensboro, North Carolina.  Woods of Terror is located 5601 North Church Street, Greensboro, NC.  The haunted house attraction was established in 1991 and is ran by owner operator Eddie H. McLaurin.

Woods of Terror is known nationally as one of the best haunts in the United States. It has been consistently voted as the top haunt in North Carolina on various websites as well as the longest haunt in North Carolina. 

Woods of Terror Review

I purchased tickets online via the Woods of Terror website.  They are open from Thursday to Sunday all October and open November 1,2, and 3rd.  The ticket prices vary on certain nights so I would check their website prior to visiting.  They offer 3 level of tickets. General Admission, Fast Pass Admission, and All Access.  The Fast Pass allows you to head to the front of the line and you only have to wait a limited amount of time.  The All Access Pass is a little more expensive but you receive a Woods of Terror lanyard with the pass attached.  The All Access is faster than the Fast Pass because it gets you in front of the line quicker. I suggest getting the All Access Pass if you are like me and don’t care to wait in line. The line was long so the All Access Pass was worth it to me.  The All Access also gets you free access to the Midway attractions, a personal pair of 3D glasses, and a free gift.

Not only are we the top haunt in NC…we're also the longest!Take a walk through our Woods with some of our monsters and see for yourself. Don't be shy…Tickets for tonight are ONLY $20. We're open through Sunday and we're just DYING to meet you. Get your tickets now at 🕸🎃🕸See you in the dark…Shout out to OC Skreech and The Clown Cartel 🤡🎪📽:Sullivan Productions

Posted by Woods Of Terror on Thursday, October 4, 2018

I was told to get there early so I arrived at 6:30 pm and there was already a line.  Parking costs $5. Before you are allowed entry into the Woods of Terror, you are screened by security staff for safety purposes which means you take everything out of your pockets and have to pass through a metal detector.

We take our safety very seriously here at Woods of Terror.Take a look below and share with your friend!See everyone this Friday night 🎃👻🍁🦇

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The Midway area has food, gift shops, a Hellavator ride, a museum, and games. There were also plenty of places to take pictures as the Midway is the only area of the haunted attraction where you are allowed to take photos.  You can purchase a glow stick and lanyard in the Midway. I would highly suggest this since some parts of the attractions are very dark.

Shortly after dark is when the mischief begun. The speakers started playing Black Sabbath’s Iron Man and the wooden gates opened revealing a Monster Parade lead by Eddie McLaurin. The parade included a wide assortment of creatures including zombies, vampires, clowns, and pretty much anything else you would see in your nightmares.  Eddie kicks off the night with the national anthem and fireworks. The monsters exit and after more live music I was admitted into the haunted attraction.

The Woods of Terror consists of twelve haunted houses or attractions. Each have different themes designed to scare you by tapping into your worst fears and phobias.  The attractions are as follows: Arachnophobia, Nights Stalkers, Industrial Nightmare, Chaos 3D, The Blood House, The Awakening, Horror Movie Classics, Blackbeard’s Revenge, Miner’s Massacre, The Slaughter House, The Purge Anarchy, and Blackout.

People are always asking what you get with a ticket to the Woods of Terror. Eddie McLaurin is here to show you exactly what you'll be getting yourself into this Halloween season. We are now open every Thursday through Sunday in October. This Thursday October 4th- tickets are only $20!Get your tickets now!🎃🕸🎃🕸🎃#2018bestyearyet 📽: Sullivan Productions

Posted by Woods Of Terror on Tuesday, October 2, 2018

With over 12 attractions, you get your money’s worth. The trail took 45 minutes for me to complete. Woods of Terror is the place that nightmares are made of. Truly one of the most terrifying haunted attractions that I have ever visited.  If you are looking for something more family friendly the Woods of Terror features a pumpkin patch and playground for kids. If you are more adventurous, they have a blackout event later in the season. Check out their website for details.

My top 3 haunted attractions there were Chaos 3D aka The Clown House, The Blood House, and The Slaughter House.  What is yours?