Review: The Funhouse Massacre

Review:  The Funhouse Massacre

It’s Halloween.  There is a new controversial giant funhouse in town.  You and your friends decide to check it out. The funhouse theme is based on the crimes of six of the most notorious and colorful serial killers. Each section of the funhouse is designed to represent the unique killing style of each of the serial killers.

During your visit you notice that the special effects are very good.  Everything is so realistic. When it’s time for you to leave you realize that some of your friends are missing. And the exit gates have all been locked.  A funhouse worker informs you that all of the crime scenes are real people being murdered for your entertainment. The funhouse workers are the real serial killers who have escaped from an asylum.  Guess what?  They have decided that you are next.

What do you do?  Can you survive?

This is the setup to The Funhouse Massacre.  The film is directed by Andy Palmer and was written by Ben Begley.  Mr. Freddy Krueger himself aka Robert Englund plays the role of a warden of an asylum that houses these crazies escape from.

Meet the Funhouse Killers

1) Mental Manny: He prefers Manny the Prophet but the Warden calls him Mental Manny.

2) Dollface:  She believes every girl should have a “smile” on her face.

The Funhouse Massacre

3) Animal the Cannibal: The famous chef who served customers to customers.

4) Dr. Suave: A dentist who believed some teeth couldn’t be fixed.

5) The Taxidermist:  He loved stuffing animals but was more fond of “bigger” projects.

6) Rocco the Clown:  An underground wrestler who killed one too many guys in the ring.

The Verdict

I enjoyed The Funhouse Massacre.  It’s a hybrid horror and comedy that will tap into that sick sense of humor that most horror fans have. Director Andy Palmer stated that “The Funhouse Massacre is an homage to all of the best monsters in cinema…visually I was really into the horror of the 90s. I loved the style. The colors and the self aware dialogue.”  Andy’s quote is a very accurate portrayal of the film.  The look, feel, costumes, and dialogue of the film has that throwback to the 80s and 90s feel.  We can only hope that they decide to create a The Funhouse Massacre II.

My favorite killer of the funhouse goes to the very sexy but yet extremely psychopathic killer Dollface. Candice De Visser does an excellent job playing Dollface.

Who was your favorite killer?